Design Sprints

At Neuromagic, we custom tailor our Design Sprints to suit the needs of businesses and organizations in Japan.
Certified by the originators of both the Service Design Sprint and the Google Ventures Sprint, we work together with our clients to tackle challenges and develop new business according to the unique needs of their organization.

What is a Design Sprint?

A time-boxed workshop-style method that structures ideation, prototyping, user testing and empathy-building activities into a 2 to 4 day schedule.

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Design Sprints

Originated in Silicon Valley,
customized for the Japanese Market

There are two main types of Design Sprint, each with their own specialty.
At Neuromagic, our international team has learned through experience how to apply the Design Sprint methodology seamlessly in the Japanese business context. There are two main types of Design Sprint, each with their own specialty.

  • Service Design Sprint
    Duration:2 - 4 Days
    Purpose:Launching new businesses, products and services, team building, solving internal and client communications
    We begin by conducting user research, including in-depth user interviews and market research, followed by ideation and decision making. Research results are shared with all stakeholders to create common understanding. This sprint is particularly effective when a new team is launched or when there are many members with little prior knowledge about the new business or target user.

  • Product Design Sprint
    (Google Design Sprint)
    Duration:2 - 4 Days
    Purpose:Improving existing products and services
    First, issues are identified and interviews are conducted with experts to gather perspective, followed by ideation and prototyping. Team members should have deep knowledge of the product or service in order to create a high-fidelity prototypes to rapidly test.

In addition to Service Design Sprints
and Product Design Sprints,
we strive to expand our range of support by developing a variety of original Design Sprints.

  • Corporate Strategy
    Design Sprint

    Duration:2 - 3 Days

    Purpose:For companies that have just started a business or just launched a product or service.

    Starting from the “Why” “How” and “What” of a company, product or service, we work together to clarify the desired target audience, uncover their problems and desires, and derive a Unique Value Proposition.

  • Marketing Strategy
    Design Sprint

    Duration:1 - 2 Days

    Purpose:For companies that already have products or services, but are not sure how to market them.

    From reorganizing business models and defining customer segments to creating specific policy ideas, work together to define marketing plans and come to consensus on KPIs.

  • Custom
    Design Sprint


    We also provide custom Design Sprints which bring together various design sprint elements depending on client needs. Work together with a sprint master to find an optimal plan together.

Sprint Facilitator

We have received numerous inquires from companies looking to establish a Design Sprint methodology and a Design Thinking mindset for their colleagues and employees.

In these cases, we also design and offer training programs with our experienced facilitators to suit the needs of each company and cultural context.

1-Day Online
Design Sprints 

In response to the rapidly changing business environment propelled by the spread of COVID-19, we are providing a special set of shortened design sprints! We currently offer four 1-Day Sprint styles: 

  1. Digital Marketing Planning 
  2. Promotion Planning 
  3. Digital Prototyping
  4. Design Thinking for Managers (Lecture)

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Why are Design Sprints
becoming so popular?
We are currently in the age of VUCA— Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. It is difficult for society to predict the future.

order to adapt to such an era while promoting business, it is necessary to quickly find out where returns truly come from, and be careful about investments of time, money, and labor. Design Sprints are a technique that can help achieve fast results while hedging risks, ensuring the best value for time spent.

Neuromagic Design Sprints are customized for our clients.
We are committed to constantly evolving to fit their diverse needs.

Feel free to reach out for quotes and consultation!

What can you get from a Design Sprint?

  • Ideas for
    new businesses and products.

  • Ideas for for improvements to services,
    UX/UI improvement,
    and organizational structure.

  • Rapid testing
    and feedback from users.

  • Consensus
    between stakeholders.

  • A better understanding of
    markets and users.

  • Improved team
    strength and relationships.

Feel free to reach out
for quotes and consultation!

We also regularly hold seminars,
so please check our Seminar page and reserve your spot.

*Currently Japanese only

  • Neuromagic has done an amazing job bringing Design Sprints to Japan. Their Design Sprint masters are between the most skilled you will find anywhere in the world.

    Tenny PinheiroAuthor, The Service Startup
    Tenny Pinheiro is an engineer, designer, serial entrepreneur, and originator of the Service Design Sprint. He is also the founder of Design Sprint School, and LiveWork Latin America. He has authored several books including The Service Start-Up (2014) and Sprint Master’s Guide: The Complete Guide to Service Design Sprints (2017).
  • I’m super happy to see how Neuromagic have implemented the Design Sprint process in Japan! They’re one of the first companies I know of using this innovation process in the region.

    Jonathan CourtneyCEO, AJ&Smart
    Jonathan Courtney is the founder and CEO of AJ&Smart, a Berlin based Digital Production Design agency and authority on Workshopping and Design Sprints. He also runs a Design Sprint Masterclass in partnership with American Design Sprint originator, Jake Knapp.